Scientific and expert forum «Primakov readings»

  • 30 June 2017
On June 29-30, 2017, IE RAS associates took part in the scientific and expert forum «Primakov readings».

The event was organized by: Primakov IMEMO RAS, Russian Commerce and Industry Chamber, International Trade Center, Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund and Primakov Foreign political cooperation center.

On June 29 the session was opened by: Assistant of the Russian President Y.V. Ushakov, President of the Russian Commerce and Industry Chamber S.N. Katyrin and Primakov IMEMO RAS President А.А. Dynkin. Y.V. Ushakov read the address of the Russian President.

On June 30 speeches were delivered by Russian Foreign minister S.V. Lavrov and Henry Kissinger. Several podium discussions took place, devoted to relations of Russia, Europe and USA, Ukrainian crisis and other key issues of global agenda. Chairman of the Board of Center for Strategic research А. Kudrin gave his speech.

«Primakov readings» are aimed at promoting dialogue between scientists, experts, politicians and diplomats on acute problems of world economy, politics and international security system. Every year the event is attended by prominent experts, diplomats and state officials from dozens of countries.

Scientific and expert forum «Primakov readings» Scientific and expert forum «Primakov readings»