Fedorov Valentin Petrovich

Fedorov Valentin Petrovich
  • Date of birth: 06.09.39
  • Place of birth: p. Zhatay Yakut ASSR
  • Scientific degree: Doctor of Science (Economics), Professor
  • Scientific title: Corresponding member RAS
  • Education:
    Graduated from Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy in 1962.
  • Position:
    Deputy Directory for Scientific Work
  • Professional activities:
    In 1964-1985 worked in the Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS, inc. representing the Institute in FRG (1978-1984) as a researcher.
    1987-1990 – Vice-Principal (International relations) of Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy.
    1990 – 1993 – Governor of Sakhalin region.
    1993 – 1994 – Deputy Minister of Economy of Russia.
    1994 – 1997 – Vice-President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists.
    1997 – 1998 – Prime Minister of Sakha Republic (Yakutiya).
    1998 – 2000 – Vice-President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists.
    Since 2000 – Deputy Director of IE RAS.
    In 1990-1992 was a member of Presidential Council of B.N.Eltsin.
  • Scientific activities:
    N.P.Fedorov is one of the leading Russian experts in international economic and political studies, author of numerous scientific works, inc. monographs: "Russia: internal and external dangers» (2004 and 2005, two releases), «The power of economy – in freedom" (1990), "Capitalism and international economic relations " (1979). Three monographs were translated and published by foreign publishing houses in USA, Japan and Greece. N.P.Fedorov is co-author and co-editor of the fundamental monograph "Russia in diversity of civilizations", published in 2011 and highly acclaimed by scientific society.
    N.P.Fedorov focuses his activity on defending and promoting the Russian state interests on the global arena, strengthening Russia territorial integrity, revealing real and potential threats to the country and their timely elimination. V.P.Fedorov makes significant contribution into elaboration of theoretical and methodological problems of national production. His research is focused on acute aspects of interaction of a national economy and global economy, its positive and negative sides. N.P.Fedorov initiated many related discussions in scientific journals and sessions of Academic Council of IE RAS. N.P.Fedorov has high professional reputation in scientific society and realized a number of his ideas during the period of administrative work.
    N.P.Fedorov heads Dissertation Council of IE RAS for discipline 08.00.14 – World economy, acts as a member of Academic Council of IE RAS and editorial board of “Contemporary Europe” journal. He is member of the Writers’ Union of Russia, author of 11 scientific books, numerous articles in economy and 5 collections of lyrics.
  • Major publications:
    1. European economy (in Greek). Co-author and editor. Athens, 1989.
    2. The power of economy – in freedom. M.: "Znanie", 1990.
    3. FRG: the country and the people. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 1991.
    4. Free economy in Russia (in Japanese). Tokyo, 1995.
    5. Yeltsin. Political portrait (3 releases). M.: "Moscowskiy Pisatel", 1996.
    6. Yeltsin (in English). USA, 1996.
    7. The tragedy of Russia: people extinction and territorial vulnerability. M.: IE RAS, 2004.
    8. Does Russia have friends and does it need them? M.: IE RAS, 2005.
    9. Western economy: absence of pattern instead of cycles. "Contemporary Europe" journal №1, 2009 г.
    10. European Union – Russia: a measure of cooperation (co-author with N.P.Shmelev). M.: IE RAS, 2012.
    11. Economy and politics of Germany. Current stage. M.: National Business Institute, 2012. 



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  • Honorary title:
    Acting member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
    acting member of the Engineering Academy of Russia
    Honorary Doctor (Business Administration) of Loyola University, Los Angeles, USA.
  • Contacts: Phone: +7 (495) 629-59-18, 692-10-19
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.