Budargin Alexei

Budargin Alexei
  • Education:
    2008, MPhil (hons) International Relations, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    2006, Certificate/Diplomatic Discourse, Diplomatic Academy of London, University of Westminster
    1994, Masters/Economist, Moscow Institute of Technology
    1990, Diploma/English Interpreter & Translator, Ryazan Airborne Military College
  • Postgraduate:
    Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Candidate dissertation:
    PhD thesis: The British and Irish political solutions for Northern Ireland, from 1997-2007
    Research supervisor: Dr Al.Gromyko
  • Position:
    Research Fellow, Centre for British Studies
  • Professional activities:
    2011–2014, Chief Manager, International Investment Programmes, RVC
    2007–2009, Senior Adviser, International Programmes, Interros
  • Scientific activities:

    UK Politics research and expertise

  • Scope of scientific interests:
    British and Irish party politics; UK political history; UK political trends - nationwide-regional; national/nationalist factor in UK politics
  • Total number of publications:
  • Major publications:

    Budargin, Alexei (2015). “UK Parliament-2015. Regional aspect,” pp. 73-78 in ‘UK General Election-2015: the pre-election campaign, results and consequences.’ / Reports of the Institute of Europe; Vol. 319 (Moscow, IERAS). – [Ru]

    Budargin, Alexei (2011). “Elections 2011. Regional mould of the British political landscape,” pp. 97-100 in ‘The UK Coalition Government – a year after.’ / Reports of the Institute of Europe; Vol. 270 (Moscow, IERAS-AES). – [Ru]

    Budargin, Alexei, Alexey Gromyko and Natalia Kapitonova (2010). “Russian relations with the UK and Ireland,” pp. 330-345 (Chapter VI, Sec. IV) in ‘Foreign Policy and Diplomacy of the Russian Federation.’ Textbook. (Moscow, East-West). – [Ru]

    Budargin, Alexei and Alexey Gromyko (2010). “Ulster. From ethno-confessional to civiс nationalism,” pp. 49-57 in ‘Ethno-confessional conflicts in Europe and the post-Soviet region.’ (Moscow, Sovero Print). – [Ru]

    Budargin, Alexei (2010). Guest Editorial, pp. 4-5 in Bulletin of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce; Vol. 5 (London)

    Budargin, Alexei (2010). “The 2010 General Election. Regional dimension,” pp. 86-90 in ‘The UK 2010. New Political Situation.’ / Reports of the Institute of Europe, Vol. 255 (Moscow, IERAS-AES). – [Ru]

    Budargin, Alexei (2010). “Nationalists in British politics: main players and the Hastings,” pp. 44-50 in ‘The UK before the 2010 General Election’ / Reports of the Institute of Europe; Vol. 250 (Moscow, IERAS-AES). – [Ru]

  • Membership in scientific associations:
    Association of European Studies
    Political Studies Association (UK)
    Political Studies Association of Ireland
    American Political Science Association
    APSA British Politics Group
  • Foreign languages:
    • English
  • Hobbies: British history, English literature
  • Contacts:

    Alexei Budargin
    Research Fellow, Centre for British Studies
    Institute of Europe RAS
    11-3 Mokhovaya Street, Moscow 125009, RU
    T: +7 495 692 2318
    E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.