Igor F. Maksimychev

Igor F. Maksimychev
  • Date of birth: 01.11.32
  • Place of birth: Takhta-Bazaar, Turkmenistan
  • Scientific degree: Doctor of political sciences
  • Education:
    State Institute of International Relations Moscow, 1950-1956
  • Candidate dissertation:
    The Soviet-German Relations 1933-1936 (historical sciences), 1974
  • Doctoral dissertation:
    The Place of FRG in European State system (political sciences), 1993
  • Position:
    Chief Researcher, European Security
  • Professional activities:
    USSR/RF Ministry for Foreign Affairs 1956-1992;
    Institute of Europe Moscow from 1993;
    Co-Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Russian-German Museum Karlshorst/Berlin from 1995
  • Scientific activities:

    Researches in sphere of the relations between Russia and European Union.

  • Scope of scientific interests:
    History of Europe after World War I, in particular Germany, France and European Integration
  • Total number of publications:
    about 400
  • Major publications:

    Russia-Germany – War and Peace, Moscow, 2014;
    The fall of the Berlin wall, Moscow, 2011;
    The last year of the GDR. A requiem, Moscow, 1993;
    Rhine neighbourhood. The French-German Relations, Moscow, 1988;
    Peace diplomacy vs. war diplomacy. The Soviet-German Relations 1933-1939, Moscow, 1981

  • Foreign languages:
    • German, French, Spanish, English
  • Contacts:

    8 495 692 66 54, e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.