Lunkin Roman Nikolaevich

Lunkin Roman Nikolaevich
  • Date of birth: 13.06.76
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Scientific degree: Candidate of Science (Philosophy)
  • Education:
    1993-1998 Moscow State University, Historical faculty, Department of Ancient world. 1993-1998
  • Postgraduate:
    Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, PhD on “Theology and social activity of Pentecostal movement in Russia”. 2001-2005
  • Candidate dissertation:
    PhD, 2005. Title: The Theology and social activity of Pentecostals.
  • Position:
    Leading scientific associate, Department of social and political studies
  • Professional activities:
    1998-2001 A member of Russian team of Keston Institute (Oxford, UK, president – Xenia Dennen). Moscow representative of Keston Institute in Moscow, correspondent of Keston News Service and magazine “Frontier”, author of more than 100 articles about t
    1998 – present time. A research fellow of the scientific project of Keston Institute “Encyclopedia of religious life in Russia Today” (editors – Fr Michael Bourdeaux and Dr Sergei Filatov).
    As a result of a project it was published four volumes on religious organizations and movements, three volumes on regional religious life, two books of articles and in 2014 was published the first volume of the second wave of that project –
    “Religious and social life in Russian regions”. See:
    2004 – present time Author of the analytical web-site on religion, policy and society problems “Portal-Credo.Ru” (
    2004-present time The participant of the conferences and publication projects of Moscow Carnegie Center under the program “Religion, society and security”. See:
    2005 – present time Senior researcher of Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences, member of research Centre for problems of religion and society, deputy editor-in-chief of magazine “Contemporary Europe”,
    2006 – Head of Public Information Office of Slavic Centre for Law and Justice, editor-in-chief of the web-portal “Religion and Law”; .
    2011 – Public policy scholar in Woodrow Wilson Center and Kennan Institute (subject: Religion and civil society in Russia and CIS).
    2008 – present time Director of non-government organization - the Union of experts on Religion and Law.
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    problems of civil society and human rights, sociology of religion, field research of religion, church-state relations, interreligious conflicts, Christian churches and society, Protestantism, new religious movements.
  • Total number of publications:
  • Major publications:


    Филатов С.Б., Лункин. Р.Н. Современная религиозная жизнь России. Опыт систематического описания: том I (Москва, “Логос”, 2004, 327 с.), том II (Москва, “Логос”, 2003, 478 с.), том III (Москва, “Логос”, 2005, 463 с.), том IV (Москва, «Логос», 2006, 365 с.). (Filatov S., Lunkin R. (co-author).The contemporary religious life in Russia. The experience of the systematic description. Vol. I-IV).

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    URL: ,

    Филатов С.Б., Лункин. Религия и российское многообразие (Filatov S., Lunkin R. (co-author). Religion and the Russian diversity) / Науч. ред. и сост. С. Б. Филатов. – М.: Кестонский институт (Keston Institute), Летний сад, 2012.

    Chapters in the books:

    Roman Lunkin. The Status of and Challenges to Religious Freedom in Russia. Chapter 6. The Future of Religious Freedom Global Challenges Edited by Allen D. Hertzke. Oxford University Press, 2012. 384 p. 978-0-19-993089-0. URL:   


    Лункин Р. Протестанты и политические конфликты в Евразии: спасение душ и управляемая демократия // Религия и конфликт. Московский Центр Карнеги, РОССПЭН, 2007. С. 175-222. (Lunkin R. Protestants and the political conflicts in Eurasia: the salvation od souls and the ruling democracy. Religion and conflicts. Moscow Carnegie Center, 2007)

    Лункин Р. Новые религиозные движения в России: христианство и постхристианство в зеркале новых богов и пророков // Двадцать лет религиозной свободы в России. Московский Центр Карнеги, РОССПЭН, 2009. С. 330-394. (Lunkin R. New religious movements in Russia: the Christianity and post-Christianity in the mirror of the new gods and prophets. Moscow Carnegie Center, 2009)

    Лункин Р.Н. ОБРАЗ РПЦ В СВЕТСКИХ МАССМЕДИА: МЕЖДУ МИФОМ О ГОСУДАРСТВЕННОЙ ЦЕРКВИ И ФОЛЬКЛОРНО-ОККУЛЬТНЫМ ПРАВОСЛАВИЕМ. В сборнике: Православная церковь при новом патриархе Малашенко А.В., Филатов С.Б. Moscow Carnegie Center. Москва, 2012. С. 171-223. (Roman Lunkin. “The Russian Orthodox Church’s Image in the Secular Mass Media: Between the Myth of a State Church and Folklore-Occult Orthodoxy”).URL:

    Лункин Р.Н. ИНОСЛАВНЫЕ ХРИСТИАНЕ НА КАРТЕ РОССИИ: ВЕРА В БОГА В ПОСТПРАВОСЛАВНОЙ СТРАНЕ (Non-orthodox Christians on the Russian map: the faith in God in post-orthodox country). В сборнике: Секуляризм и религиозная свобода – противостояние или партнерство МАТЕРИАЛЫ НАУЧНО-ПРАКТИЧЕСКОЙ КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ. Институт Европы РАН, Центр по изучению проблем религии и общества ИЕ РАН, Роман Лункин . 2013. С. 186-207. URL:

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    Roman Lunkin. The Christian minority in the society of the traditional religions. The montage and demontage of the secular world. Ed. A. Malashenko, S. Filatov. Moscow Carnegie Center. (prepared for publication in 2014)



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    In German:

    Lunkin R. Die euphorischen neunziger Jahre // Glaube in der 2. Welt, 2002, No. 1, p. 26-31;

    Lunkin R., Filatow S. Neuaufbrauch bei den russischen Baptisten // Glaube in der 2. Welt, 2002, No. 1, p. 19-24.

    In Italian:

    Roman Lunkin, I servizi segreti contro i missionari // Rassegna stampa sulla Russia, 12 gennaio 2004,

    Lunkin R., Filatow S. La fede in versione nazional-popolare // La Nuova Europa (Bergamo), 2005, December, № 6.


  • Membership in scientific associations:
    Member of Board in the magazines "Religion and Law", "Religion, state and society in Russia and abroad".
  • Foreign languages:
    • English
  • Contacts:

    Phone: +7-905-736-09-13 ; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,,