Conference «Russian-American relations: 210 years»

  • 27 April 2017
On April 27, 2017, IE RAS Director, RAS Corresponding member Аl.А. Gromyko took part in the conference «Russian-American relations: 210 years», organized by the Institute of USA and Canada RAS and Kennan Institute with support of Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Foundation and Carnegie Corporation.
Moscow was visited by a dignified delegation from the USA, including four former US Ambassadors to Russia. The conference heard speeches of: RAS Academician S.М. Rogov, US Ambassador to Russia J. Tefft, S.А. Ryabkov, К.I. Коsachev, L.E. Slutsky, other Russian and American politicians and experts. Аl.А. Gromyko spoke of the Ukrainian crisis and its resolution.