Danilov Dmitriy Alexandrovich

Danilov Dmitriy Alexandrovich
  • Scientific degree: Candidate of Science (Economics)
  • Scientific title: Professor
  • Education:
    1982 Lomonosov MSU, Economic faculty
  • Position:
    Head of Department of European security
  • Professional activities:
    1982-1988 Ministry of Defense USSR, senior scientific associate (earlier: junior scientific associate, scientific associate)
    1988-present Institute of Europe RAS, Head of Department of European security (earlier: senior scientific associate, leading scientific associate, head of sector for military and political studies).
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    Russian foreign policy and security policy, European security system, European integration, development of EU, CFSP/ESDP, Russia’s relations with NATO and EU.
  • Total number of publications:
    Author of more than 150 scientific works.
  • Major publications:

    Selected publications in foreign languages (for full list, see the bibliography in Russian)

    • D.Danilov, S. De Spiegeleire. From decoupling to recoupling: A new security relationship between Russia and Western Europe? Monograph – Paris: Institute for Security Studies of WEU, 1998. - (in English, French and Russian).
    • D.Danilov. Russia and the ESDP: Partnership Strategy versus Strategic Partnership / In: The Changing Politics of European Security: Europe Alone? (ed. by Stefan Ganzle and Allen G. Sens), Palgrave Macmillan - 2007;
    • D.Danilov. Russia and European Security / In: What Russia sees (ed. By Dov Lynch) / Chaillot Paper № 74, January 2005;
    •  D.Danilov. Russian Armed Forces in Transformation / In: Russia - Continuity and Change. Gerald Hinteregger, Hans-Georg Heinrich (eds.). SpringerWienNewYork, 2004.
  • Foreign languages:
    • French, English
  • Contacts: Phone: +7 (495) 692-23-12