institute of europe
the institute of europe of the russian academy of sciences

Scientific council

Scientific Council sessions

Academic council of the Institute f Europe:

  • Sets principal directions of the Institute’s scientific work, approves programs and plans of research, international scientific cooperation, conferences and discussions, training plans for scientific staff;
  • Considers technical and financial problems of the Institute;
  • Considers reports of the Director and Heads of departments;
  • Stimulates personal and collective work of scientists;
  • Considers structural aspects of the Institute’s work, including support divisions;
  • Announces vacancies for Heads of departments and scientific staff;
  • Promotes authors of prominent scientific works, discoveries and inventions for honorary ranks and titles; nominates candidates for elections of full and corresponding members of RAS;
  • Awards the title of Honorary doctor of IE RAS and elects honorary members of the Academic Council;
  • Discusses problems of editorial activity of the Institute, elects editors and forms editorial boards of the Institute’s publications;
  • Elects delegates to the General Meetings of RAS and International Relations Division RAS;
  • Considers other problems in accordance with the Institute’s Statute.


  1. Gromyko Alexey Anatolievich, Dr. of Science (Politics)
  2. Zhurkin Vitaly Vladimirovich, Academician RAS, Dr. of  Science (History)
  3. Nosov Michael Gregorievich, Corresponding member RAS, Dr. of Science (History)
  4. Fedorov Valentin Petrovich, Corresponding member RAS, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  5. Kondrat’eva Natalia Borisovna
  6. Bazhan Anatoliy Ivanovich, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  7. Belov Vladislav Borisovich, Cand. of Science (Economics)
  8. Borko Yuri Antonovich, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  9. Butorina Olga Vitalievna, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  10. Vodopianova Elena Viktorovna, Dr. of Science (Philosophy)
  11. Goncharenko Sergey Nikolaevich, Foreign Ministry of Russia
  12. Danilov Dmitry Alexandrovich, Cand. of Science (Economics)
  13. Kandel Pavel Efimovich, Cand. of Science (History)
  14. Kargalova Marina Viktorovna, Dr. of Science (History)
  15. Krasikov Anatoliy Andreevich, Dr. of Science (History)
  16. Kudrov Valentin Mikhailovich, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  17. Maksimychev Igor Fedorovich, Dr. of Science (Politics)
  18. Mironenko Victor Ivanovich, Cand. of Science (History)
  19. Potemkina Olga Yurievna, Dr. of Science (Politics)
  20. Rubinskiy Yuri Iliich, Dr. of Science (History)
  21. Khesin Efim Samuilovich, Dr. of Science (economics), IMEMO RAS
  22. Tzyrenschikov Vadim Sergeevich, Dr. of Science (Economics)
  23. Shveytzer Vladimir Yakovlevich, Dr. of Science (History)
  24. Shishelina Lyubov Nikolaevna, Dr. of Science (History)

 Tel: +7 (495) 692-45-08; +7 (495) 692-29-10