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the institute of europe of the russian academy of sciences

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  • Zhurkin Vitaly Vladimirovich

    Zhurkin Vitaly Vladimirovich

    Director Emeritus
    Dr. of Science (History)
    Academician RAS
  • Nosov Michael Gregorievich

    Nosov Michael Gregorievich

    Deputy Directory for Scientific Work, Chief researcher of the Department of European security
    Doctor of Science (History)
    Corresponding member RAS
  • Butorina Olga Vitalievna

    Butorina Olga Vitalievna

    Deputy Directory for Scientific Work
    Doctor of Science (Economics)
    Theory and practice of regional integration, European economic integration, Economic and Monetary Union of EU, international financial and monetary system, monetary integration, EU economy, Russia-EU relations.
  • Belov Vladislav Borisovich

    Belov Vladislav Borisovich

    Leading researcher, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Head of Department of country studies and of Center for German studies
    Candidate of Science (Economics)
    Social, economic and political development of [Germany], economic order policy (Wirschaftsordnungspolitik), regional and innovation policyl (Standortpolitik), financial, credit and monetary policy, foreign economic activity of German companies, Russian-European and Russian-German relations.
  • Lunkin Roman Nikolaevich

    Lunkin Roman Nikolaevich

    Chief researcher, Department of social and political studies, Deputy Director of the Institute of Europe, head of the Center for the studies of problems of Religion and Society.
    Candidate of Science (Philosophy), Doctor of Science (Politics)
    problems of civil society and human rights, sociology of religion, field research of religion, church-state relations, interreligious conflicts, Christian churches and society, Protestantism, new religious movements.
  • Kondratieva Natalia Borisovna

    Kondratieva Natalia Borisovna

    Scientific secretary
    candidate of Science (Economics)
    associate professor
    regional integration, European Union, Eurasian Economic Union, single/internal market, freedom of movement, protectionism, technical regulations, harmonization, competition policy, regional policy