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Butorina Olga Vitalievna

Butorina Olga Vitalievna
  • Date of birth: 07.05.61
  • Scientific degree: Doctor of Science (Economics)
  • Scientific title: Professor
  • Education:
    1983 – MGIMO University, Faculty of international economic relations
    1987 – external postgraduate program, MGIMO University, Faculty of international economic relations, Candidate of Science (Economics).
    2002 – Institute of Europe RAS, Doctor of Science (Economics) – dissertation "Economic and Monetary Union of EU. International Aspect".
    2012 – MGIMO University, Department of European integration, Professor
  • Position:
    Deputy Directory for Scientific Work
  • Professional activities:
    2012-present – Principal scientific associate, IE RAS.
    2003-2012 – Head of European Integration Department, MGIMO.
    2007-2012 – Counselor to Principal, MGIMO.
    2005-2007 – Deputy Principal for new educational projects, MGIMO.
    1989-2003 – IE RAS – scientific associate, senior scientific associate, Head of sector, Head of Department of European integration.

    2000-2003 – Counselor to General Director, Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange.
    2002-2003 – Professor, Higher School of Economics, World politics department.
    1983-1988 – Economist, «Novoexport» company, Foreign Trade Ministry of USSR.
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    Theory and practice of regional integration, European economic integration, Economic and Monetary Union of EU, international financial and monetary system, monetary integration, EU economy, Russia-EU relations.
  • Total number of publications:
    over 120 publications in Russia and abroad. Author of two individual and several collective monographs.
  • Major publications: For full list of publications, see the bibliography in Russian. 
  • Membership in scientific associations:
    Vice-President of Russian Association of European Studies,
member of Expert Council of «Russia in Global Politics» journal,
editor of «European Union: facts and comments» quarterly review
  • Honorary title:
    member of European Money and Finance Forum, laureate of Russian Science Support Foundation in nomination «Best Economists of RAS» 2002 – 2004.
  • Foreign languages:
    • English, Spanish
  • Contacts: Phone: + 7 495 692 6654; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.