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Postgraduate program Institute of Europe RAS

Orlova Valentina Vladimirovna

Phone: + 7 (495) 692-10-19, 8-925-563-09-13

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Postgraduate education office of Institute of Europe RAS welcomes applicants for internal, external and contract postgraduate education in 2014 and 2015 by the following disciplines:

38.06.01 – Economics

08.00.14 – World economy

41.06.01 – Political sciences and regional studies

23.00.02 – Political institutes, processes and technologies

23.00.04 – Political problems of international relations, global and regional development

46.06.01 – Historical sciences and archeology

07.00.03 – General history (the newest period)


Postgraduate education office was founded in IE RAS in 1989. The Institute has two Dissertation Councils:

Д.002.031.01 – for discipline 08.00.14

Д.002.031.02 – for disciplines 07.00.03, 23.00.02 и 23.00.04.

Academic advising of postgraduate students is conducted by highly qualified experts and prominent scientists. The Institute creates all necessary conditions for preparation of Doctor and Candidate dissertations, supported by extended scientific library and European documentation center. Internal and external postgraduate education program can be funded by the state budget or by the applicants. Contract program can be funded by the applicants only.