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Nosov Michael Gregorievich

Nosov Michael Gregorievich
  • Date of birth: 06.12.40
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Scientific degree: Doctor of Science (History)
  • Scientific title: Corresponding member RAS
  • Education:
    Graduated from the Institute of Eastern languages of MSU (ICAA of MSU at present) in 1964.
  • Position:
    Member of the Board of Directors, Chief researcher of the Department of European security
  • Professional activities:
    1964–1978 – junior scientific associate, scientific associate, senior scientific associate of Institute of World economy and international relations RAS.
    1978–1983 – senior scientific associate, head of sector of Institute of USA and Canada RAS.
    1983–1984 – director of international project in Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).
    1985–2004 – head of sector, Deputy Director of Institute of USA and Canada RAS.
    Since 2004 – Deputy Director of Institute of Europe RAS.
  • Scientific activities:
    M.G.Nosov is expert in international relations, foreign policy and international security, author and editor of more than 70 scientific works, including 3 monographs. Many works were published abroad. Major scientific achievements of M.G.Nosov are in research of international relations, elaboration of the complex approach to studying the interaction of our country with USA, Europe, China and Japan, defining more clearly our foreign political and economic priorities. The works of M.G.Nosov disclose regularities and key factors of relations between the largest world systems, determine trends and dynamics of their development. Special focus is on the role of Europe in relations with Asian countries and Russia. M.G.Nosov elaborated the method allowing to analyze not only the determined factors of interaction of world systems, but also the ethno-psychological aspects of policy, impacting the formation of international relations. The focus of research of M.G.Nosov is on relations between the West and the East and determination of Russia’s role in them, including the possibilities for utilizing the positive experience of both the West and the East in our country.
    M.G.Nosov complements his scientific work with conducting courses in Lomonosov Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, State Academic University of Humanities RAS, numerous lectures in Harvard University (USA) and other foreign universities and institutes.
    M.G.Nosov is member of Academic Council of IE RAS, IUC RAS, editorial boards of several Russian and foreign scientific journals, Expert Council of RFH, advisor to the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).
  • Major publications:
    1. Half a century of the Japanese foreign policy. Monograph – М.: Mysl, 1995.
    2. Russia and East Asia: The 21st century Security Environment / M.E. Sharp. – N.Y., 1999.
    3. Russia between uncertainty and weakness (Some aspects of Russia's Asian policy) / Strategic Survey. – Nepal, 1999.
    4. Russia between the East and the West. Monograph / “Bridges East – West” Foundation. – М., 2003.
    5. EU – China: on the way to global partnership. Monograph / S.V. Smolnikov. – М.: Ogni, 2005. 51 p. – (Reports of IE RAS № 165). (ZIP full text)
    6. Russia and Europe // Contemporary Europe. 2008. № 4. P. 5–19.
    7. Europe and Asia: politics, economics, security. Monograph – М.: Russkiy Souvenir, 2010. 140 p. – (Reports of IE RAS № 265). (ZIP full text)
    8. EU and Asia: economics and politics; Central Asia in EU policy; Greater and Middle East: the role of EU in the region // Chapters in Monograph: The European Union in XXIst century / Ed. by О.Y. Potemkina. – М.: IE RAS, Ves Mir, 2012. P. 398–458. – (The Old World – the New Times).
    9. Russia between Europe and Asia // Contemporary Europe, 2013, № 3. P. 22–40.
    10.  The Ukrainian crisis: expert opinion / Collective article with V.P.Fedorov, A.I.Bazhan, D.A.Danilov etc. // Contemporary Europe, 2014. № 3. P. 10–34. 
    11. Russia between Europe and Asia (in English). Rivista di Studi Politici Internazionali. RSPI Nuova serie Vol. 81 n. 1, Gennaio-Marzo 2014. P. 15-34. Roma, Italy, 2014.



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