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Analytical paper No 3, 2024 «On the Russian BRICS Chairmanship Agenda»

  • 01 February 2024

IE RAS presents Analytical papers of IE RAS No 3, 2024 «On the Russian BRICS Chairmanship Agenda» (in Russian) by Sergey A. Roginko, Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Head of Center for Ecology and Development, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The paper examines the feasibility of including issues of countering the EU initiative to introduce a transboundary carbon tax (CBAM) into the agenda of the Russian BRICS presidency in 2024. The economic and geopolitical risks of BRICS countries and the Global South in connection with introduction of this initiative are analyzed. Forecasts are given for financial losses for the export industries of these countries within the framework of CBAM in the coming years and for the period up to 2040. An analysis is carried out of the positions on this issue of individual BRICS countries, BRICS as an organization, the BASIC group, as well as Turkey, African countries, as well as countermeasures, adopted by them at the level of the WTO and global climate negotiations within the framework of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement. Recommendations are given on specific steps necessary to intensify BRICS activities in this direction during the Russian BRICS Chairmanship in 2024.