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"Faces of Time. Recognition One Age After..."

  • 03 June 2016
On June 3, 2016, deputy IE RAS Director V.B. Belov took part in the show of Vladimir Kara-Murza "Faces of Time. Recognition One Age After..." on Radio Svoboda.
Along with political scientist Kerim Khas and journalist Aza Babayan (in studio), historian Aik Demoyan (on Skype from Erevan) and Yuri Vexler (on Skype from Berlin), V.B. Belov discussed the consequences of adoption on June 2, 2016, by the lower Bundestag chamber of the resolution, proclaiming mass killings of Armenians in Osman empire during WWI "genocide".
The adopted resolution is symbolic. The five-page document calls for "remembering the genocide of Armenians and representatives of other Christian minorities in 1915 and 1916". Up to 1,5 mln people were killed, according to some estimates. Ankara, including Turkish president, warned Berlin earlier that the adoption would worsen relations between the two countries.
Besides bilateral relations, the resolution may affect the agreement recently signed by the EU and Turkey on refugees and migrants, striving to enter Europe. Turkey strictly refuses to recognize the fact of genocide, stating that hundreds of Armenians died of hunger and warfare. Those and other questions became subject of the intense discussion in Radio Svoboda studio.


"Faces of Time. Recognition One Age After..." "Faces of Time. Recognition One Age After..." "Faces of Time. Recognition One Age After..."