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Zhurkin Vitaly Vladimirovich

Zhurkin Vitaly Vladimirovich
  • Date of birth: 14.01.28
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Scientific degree: Dr. of Science (History)
  • Scientific title: Academician RAS
  • Education:
    MGIMO in 1951.
  • Position:
    Director Emeritus
  • Professional activities:
    In 1951-68 worked for State Television and Radio of USSR, «Pravda» newspaper, Foreign Ministry of USSR.
    Joined RAS in 1968 as Head of Department, later Deputy Director of Institute of USA and Canada (1968-87), member of Presidium of RAS.
    Academician-secretary of International Relations Department of RAS (1988-98).
    Director of Institute of Europe RAS (1987-99).
    Laureate of USSR State Award (1980), Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Award (2006). Member of Foreign Ministry Scientific Council, Russian Council for International Affairs, Russian Pugwash Committee.
    Chairman of Board of Association of European Studies. Acting member of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature (since 1990), World Academy of Arts and Sciences (since 1994). Awarded by Orders of «Badge of Honor», «Labor Red Banner»,
    «Friendship of Peoples», «For Merits to the Fatherland» IV degree, «Honor».
  • Scientific activities:
    Expert in problems of international relations, global and European security, military and political strategy, arms restrictions and disarmament.
  • Total number of publications:
  • Major publications:

    MGIMO Golden Fund: Academician Vitaly Vladimirovich Zhurkin and European studies in Russia 

    Author of more than 200 scientific works. Major monographs: «International conflicts» (1972, co-author), «USA and international political conflicts » (1975), «USSR-USA: 1970s – 1980s» (1982), «UN research on restraint doctrine» (1987, co-author), «Greater Europe construction » (1990), «Pan-European architecture: problems and prospects » (1991), «European Union: foreign policy, security, defense» (1998), «Common defense: new European initiative » (2001), «Between the past and the future: Russia in trans-Atlantic context» (2001, resp. ed. and co-author), «European Union in ХХI century: European security and defense policy» (2005), chapters in collective monographs «Europe: yesterday, today, tomorrow» (2002), «Russia between the East and the West: bridges to the future » (2003), «Centers of power in the modern system of international relations» (2004), «Strategic risks of Russia: evaluation and forecast » (2005), «European integration» (2011) etc., series of books «Responses of Russia and European Union to challenges of ХХI century» (2006-08, resp. ed. and co-author), «Security of Europe» (2011, resp. ed. and co-author), «European army: defeats and victories. Common security and defense policy of European Union » (2012).

  • Contacts: Phone: +7 (495) 629-44-43
    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.