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Kolesnikova Marina Lvovna

Kolesnikova Marina Lvovna
  • Education:
    1989, Sevastopol Instrument Engineering Institute, Faculty of Automated Control Systems
  • Position:
    Scientific Researcher of the Department of Black Sea-Mediterranean Studies
  • Professional activities:
    1989-2004 – various positions in the information and software support departments of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
    2004-2007 – Senior Researcher in the research area of military security problems at the Center for Military-Strategic Studies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Moscow;
    2007-2015 – Scientific Researcher at the Center for Scientific Support of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation of the Federal State Budgetary Research Institution "The Council for the Study of Productive Forces" of the Ministry
    of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Moscow
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    EU maritime policy; Black Sea and Mediterranean directions of the EU maritime policy;
    the EU Integrated Maritime Policy, the Blue Economy and the Blue Growth;
    the maritime economy of the Mediterranean countries of the EU;
    international and regional cooperation in the EU maritime sector in the Mediterranean region;
    the scientific and information support of programs and projects of the EU in the maritime sphere
  • Major publications:

    Selected publications in Russian

    Колесникова М.Л. Системный аспект «синей экономики» ЕС. Международная жизнь [Kolesnikova M. Systemic aspect of the EU Blue Economy. International Affairs]. 2020. № 11. С. 94-101. URL: 

    Колесникова М.Л. Морская экономика ЕС и COVID-19. Современная Европа [Kolesnikova M. EU maritime economy and COVID-19. Contemporary Europe]. 2020. № 4 (97). С. 102-111. URL: 

    Колесникова М.Л. Средиземноморские страны ЕС в «синей экономике». Современная Европа [Kolesnikova M. Mediterranean countries of the EU in a Blue Economy. Contemporary Europe]. 2019. № С. 161-170. URL: 

    Колесникова М.Л. Трансграничный контекст морского пространственного планирования в Европейском союзе. Международная жизнь [Kolesnikova M. The transboundary context of Maritime Spatial Planning in the European Union. International Affairs]. 2019. № 3. С. 59-72. URL: 

    Колесникова М.Л. Морская политика Европейского союза и ее экономические аспекты. Современная Европа. [Kolesnikova M. Maritime policy of the European Union and its economic aspects. Contemporary Europe]. 2017. № 4. С.78-86. URL: 


    Selected publications in foreign languages

    Kolesnikova M. The Blue Economy and the EU. International Affairs. Digest. 2019 г. № 4. (in Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French).

    Kolesnikova M. Maritime Freight in the Mediterranean Countries of the European Union. International Affairs. Digest. 2019 г. № 1. P. 146-158 (in English).

  • Foreign languages:
    • English
  • Contacts:


    Phone: + 7 495 629 56 25 

    Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.