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Diana (Sergeevna) Timoshenko

Diana (Sergeevna) Timoshenko
  • Date of birth: 07.10.86
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Scientific degree: PhD, Candidate of Sciences (Managerial Economics), 2013
  • Education:
    PhD Managerial Economics, 2013 (State University of Management, Moscow)
    MA Pedagogy (English), 2020 graduated with honors (Voronezh State University, Voronezh)
    MA Management Travel and Tourism, 2008 graduated with honors (Russian New University, Moscow)
  • Position:
    Senior Research Associate at the Center for Arctic Studies, Department of Country Studies
  • Professional activities:
    2008-2021 – Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Supervisor at the Russian New University, Moscow International Higher School of Business MIRBIS, Voronezh State University.
    2011-2013 – Leading Expert at the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation The Front of Bilateral Cooperation of the International Department (Russian National Tourism Authority, Public Service), Moscow
    2014-2015 – Director for research, education, and tourism at the Oldenburgsky Palace Complex Head of the Tourism Information Center of the Voronezh Region, Voronezh.
    2021– up to the present Senior Research Associate at the Center for Northern European Studies, Department of Country Studies, the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    Economics, strategy, and international cooperation of member states and observer countries of the Arctic Council.
    Activities of the Arctic Economic Council.
    Issues of tourism development and cooperation in training competitive personnel with the countries of Northern Europe.
    Social and economic development of the Russian Arctic.
  • Total number of publications:
    over 45 articles and publications in scientific journals and collections
  • Major publications:
    Timoshenko D.S. Cooperation between Russia and the countries of Northern Europe in the development of Arctic tourism / D. S. Timoshenko // Scientific and analytical Herald of the IE RAS. - 2021. - No. 6(24). - pp. 68-76. DOI 
    Timoshenko D.S. The European Commission's Arctic strategy: a challenge for Russia or a measure of forced integration? / D. S. Timoshenko // Analytical perorts of the IE RAS. - 2021. - No. 32 (262). DOI 
    Timoshenko D.S. Branding of Arctic tourism destinations in Russia // Arctic and North. 2021. No. 42. - pp. 257–270. DOI 
    Timoshenko D S 2021 Tourism 4.0 for the Russian Arctic Training, Pedagogy and Digital Learning Solutions IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. sci. 816 012020. - DOI 
    Timoshenko D S 2021 Tourism branding of the Russian Arctic destinations IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. sci. 625 012020. DOI 
    Timoshenko D S 2020 Sustainable Tourism Development in the Russian Arctic: Challenges And Prospects IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. sci. 539 012097. DOI 
    Timoshenko, D.S. Genesis, Challenges and Applications of Medical Tourism in the Voronezh Region, Russian Federation / D.S. Timoshenko // Sochi Journal of Economy. -2020. –No. 14(4). - pp. 410-424.
    Timoshenko, D.S. Innovative approaches and technologies in tourism pedagogy / D.S. Timoshenko // Bulletin of VSU. – Series: Geography. Geoecology. – 2020. Issue. 1. - pp. 115-123. DOI 
    Timoshenko, D.S. Improving the mechanism of state regulation in tourism of the Russian Federation / D.S. Timoshenko // Economic and humanitarian sciences. - 2011. - No. 1 (228) 2011. OrelGTU. – pp.14-18
    Timoshenko, D.S. Modern problems of state regulation of tourism in the Russian Federation / N.S. Morozova, D.S. Timoshenko // Bulletin of the Russian New University: economics. - 2011. - No. 2. – pp. 221-224
    Timoshenko, D.S. The role of branding tourism destinations in the Russian Federation / D.S. Timoshenko // Economic and humanitarian sciences. - 2010. - No. 12 (227) 2010. OrelGTU. – pp.132-136
    Timoshenko, D.S. The role of the state in the effective regulation of the tourism industry. Financial guarantees of the professional activity of the tourism market / D.S. Timoshenko // Economic and humanitarian sciences. - 2010. - No. 6 (221) 2010. OrelGTU:, - pp.109-113.
    Timoshenko, D.S. Mergers and acquisitions in the tourism market of the Russian Federation / D.S. Timoshenko // Bulletin of the Russian New University, - 2010. - Economics, Issue 2. - M .: RosNOU. - pp. 180-183.
    Timoshenko, D.S. Problems of development of the Russian tourism market and the personnel training during the global financial and economic crisis / D.S. Timoshenko // Bulletin of the Russian New University. Series: Man and Society - 2009. No. 3. – pp. 125-130

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  • Membership in scientific associations:
    The Russian Geographical Society, Moscow, RU
    Coordinating Council of Russian Non-profit Organisations, Moscow, RU
    Scientific Council of the Russian Professorial Assembly, Moscow, RU
  • Awards:
    2013 - Medal of the Security Council of the Russian Federation "For merits in strengthening international security"
    2020, 2021 - Gratitude of the Government of the Voronezh Region for fruitful cooperation and great contribution to the development of tourism
    2021 - Medal of the board of the non-profit partnership "Friendship Society of Russia and Iceland" "For friendship and cooperation between Russia and Iceland"
  • Foreign languages:
    • English
  • Contacts:

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Work phone: + 7 (495) 692 04 86