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Vodopianova Elena Viktorovna

Vodopianova Elena Viktorovna
  • Date of birth: 02.09.62
  • Place of birth: Tomsk
  • Scientific degree: Doctor of Science (Philosophy)
  • Scientific title: Professor
  • Education:
    Tomsk State University (1979-1985), postgraduate studies at Tomsk State University (1986-1989), doctoral studies at Moscow State University (1994-1997).
    1997- Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy). Dissertation: "Technology of Scientific Activity as Object of Social and Philosophical Analysis".
  • Postgraduate:
    postgraduate studies at Tomsk State University (1986-1989)
  • Position:
    Head of Center for Culturology
  • Professional activities:
    2002-present - Institute of Europe RAS, principal scientific associate
    2005-2010 – Higher School of Economics, Professor,
    2000-2002 – Institute of Europe RAS, leading scientific associate,
    1997-2000 – Institute of Europe RAS, senior scientific associate,
    1995-1997 – Institute of Europe RAS, scientific associate
    1990-1994 – Tomsk Polytechnical University,
  • Scope of scientific interests:
    problems of culture of information society, social history of Russian, CIS, European science and technology.
  • Total number of publications:
    Author of over 100 scientific works.
  • Major publications:
    For full list of publications, see the bibliography in Russian. 

    Vodop'yanova E.V. (2020) Rost innovacionnoj sostavlyayushchej v evropejskom kul'turnom nasledii, Vestnik kul'turologii, INION, № 3, S.55-68.

    Vodop'yanova E.V. (2020) Itogi postsovetskoj transformacii vysshej shkoly, Sovremennaya Evropa, № 5, S.132-142.

    Vodop'yanova E.V. (2020) Potencial chastnoj nauki v Rossii, Sovremennaya Evropa, № 3, S.139-148.

    Vodop'yanova E.V.(2018) Rossijskaya nauka:potencial'nye tochki rosta,  Sovremennaya Evropa, № 1,S.15-25.

    Evropejskaya kul'tura v XXI veke (2013) (pod redakciey E.V. Vodop'yanova), Nestor-istoriya, Moscow

    Vodop'yanova E.V. (2008) Kul'turnaya politika Evropejskogo Soyuza i vyzovy vremeni, Sovremennaya Evropa,  № 4, S.112-123.

    Vodopyanova E.V. (2005) The fates of Russia’s science, Social Sciences, № 3, P.33-44,  Minneapolis, USA.

    Vodop'yanova E.V. (2002) Evropa i Rossiya na karte mirovoj nauki, Ekonomicheskaya literatura, Moscow.

  • Membership in scientific associations:
    Academic and Dissertation councils of Institute of Europe RAS, journal “Contemporary Europe” editorial board.
  • Foreign languages:
    • English
  • Contacts:

    Phone: 8(495)6922753, 3467966,

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.