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Round table in London

  • 15 April 2016

In the course of realization of «Transformation of the EU party and political landscape in the post-crisis period» project (J. Monnet grant) Institute of Europe together with London Metropolitan University (Great Britain) organized the international round table «UK parliamentary election results as a consequence of the transformation of country party and political system and British citizens’ vision of the EU as a unified state». The round table was held in London on April 14-15.

IE RAS was represented by: leading scientific associate of Department of Social and Political Studies B.P. Guseletov, deputy Head of Center for German Studies E.P. Тimoshenkova, Head of Center for Political Integration L.О. Babynina, senior scientific associate of Center for British Studies К.А. Godovanyuk.

LMU was represented by leading researchers of British party and political system: Director of Center for Global Politics S. Neizler, deputy Deans of Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty P. Gray and W. Stokes and professors of the faculty D. Stirbu and N. Ginsburg.

The symposium attracted scientists from Bulgaria, Germany and Poland and demonstrated the profound interest of participants in studying the problems and peculiarities of development of party and political systems of modern European countries.

Round table in London Round table in London Round table in London