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Round table in Lublin (Poland)

  • 05 September 2016
Institute of Europe RAS in realization of «Transformation of party and political landscape of EU after the crisis» project (J. Monnet program), together with Helm Institute of international relations and social communications (Poland) held international round table «Transformation of party and political system of Poland in the crisis» in Lublin on September 4-5, 2016.
IE RAS was represented by the project coordinator, leading scientific associate Dr B.P. Guseletov, and head of Department of social and political studies Dr V.Y. Schveytzer. The discussion was attended by experts from Poland, Bulgaria, UK and Germany. This was the fourth round table of the project, the first three took place in Bulgaria, Germany and UK. The final discussion is scheduled for late November in Moscow.
Polish experts spoke on recent trends of transformation of national party and political system. Russian experts presented their own vision of the process. Guests from UK discussed the results of Brexit referendum. Bulgarian scientists argued the reasons for transformation of party and political systems in EU states. German expert spoke on the results of recent regional elections in Germany and prevailing moods in the society on the eve of parliamentary elections.

Round table in Lublin (Poland) Round table in Lublin (Poland) Round table in Lublin (Poland)