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Global forum "In unity with Russia"

  • 29 August 2016
IE RAS Director Аl.А. Gromyko participated in Global forum "In unity with Russia", that took place in Moscow on August 28-29, 2016, where he moderated the Baltic states regional round table "Participation of Russian citizens, living abroad, in social and political processes in Russia".
The forum, organized by "Russkiy mir" Foundation and attended by Russian citizens from over 90 countries of the world, heard the speeches of Russian Prime-Minister D.А. Medvedev, Russian State Duma and Federation Council committees’ chairmen V.А. Nikonov, L.E. Slutskiy, А.К. Pushkov, К.I. Коsachev and many other famous political and social leaders. 
Forum participants adopted the final resolution underlining the importance of the efforts of Russian citizens, living abroad, aimed at preserving ethnic and cultural identity of fellow countrymen and strengthening ties with the historical homeland. The document stresses «the necessity to enhance the involvement of compatriots, living abroad, in Russian social, political and cultural processes» and calls for the Russian citizens abroad to take an active part in the State Duma elections on September 18, 2016. Forum participants express their support for the Russian state policy, aimed at «protection of the rights and interests of Russian citizens, living abroad, and promotion of the Russian world consolidation».
The document welcomes the activities of Russian state and social organizations to support the Russian language and promote Russian culture, science and history. The participants call for preservation of the Russian language and the education based on it, as well as support of the Russian speaking mass media abroad and introduction of a simplified citizenship procedure for the children of Russian citizens, living abroad. 

Global forum "In unity with Russia" Global forum "In unity with Russia" Global forum "In unity with Russia"